The trustees judge each application on a number of criteria: a) The applicant must have had at least two years education in Dorset (as constituted on 31st December 1973). The map on the right shows the county boundary of the time. If you are in doubt as to whether the school or college you attended was in Dorset in 1973, you can fill in the application form and the trustees will check. b) The opportunity for which an award is sought needs to offer valuable benefits to the candidate. These make take a number of forms, for example: Learning about a new country and culture Developing a new skill or growing an existing one Gaining a qualification as a stepping stone to additional education or training or as a way into a new job c) The applicant needs to show the trustees that they are committed to the opportunity and, if the activity has pre-requisites, that they have any necessary skills, knowledge or other qualifications to meet them.  d) The applicant needs to show they need financial support if they are to participate in the activity. Awards are not available to cover costs that could be met by the applicant, their immediate family, a local authority, their employer or an educational establishment.   How It Works Made with Xara